Who We Are

Our Story

Started in 2016, we began as an initiative targeted at promoting a volunteering culture among high school students and evolved into a program seeking to enhance local volunteerism in Kenya. Over the years we have amassed a network of over 200+ volunteers and worked with various children’s homes spending most of our time at Young Life Africa Children’s home. Here, we carried out a number of activities but what stood out was the renovation of a dilapidated room into a computer lab, engineering hub and library. This project inspired us to start thinking about how we can make our impact more sustainable. Today, we have evolved into a not for profit organisation whose objective is to grow communities through volunteerism with a special focus on capacity development through education, innovation, mentorship and youth empowerment.

What makes us different

  • Our large network of volunteers eager to give of their time and skills. (Skill based volunteering)
  • Eagerness to build an ecosystem that fosters collaboration & partnership within the NGO world with the community at the heart of it all.
  • Passion for impact and we have diverse skill sets acquired through volunteering with different organisations.

We’re an all-female founding team of aspirational millennials passionate about issues surrounding diversity and opportunities for women and youth.

Talents Behind Our Success

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    Nairobi, Kenya.


    +254 723 456 789